Public Access Defibrillator Program

In the fall of 1998, Former Mayor Mel Lastman and Toronto City Council declared the City of Toronto a "Cardiac Safe City". This declaration states the following:

The City of Toronto Council endorses the concept of Toronto becoming a "Cardiac Safe City", actively encouraging public involvement in the provision of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and wherever possible the use of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD).

Toronto EMS with its partner Sunnybrook and Womans College Base Hospital have developed a program for the City of Toronto. We have asked that private sector PAD/CPR agencies to join us in our effort to create a Cardiac Safe City.

Toronto EMS, continues to provide Targeted Responders training at many City sites including Toronto City Hall and Toronto Metro Hall. The Targeted Responders include the security staff, nurses, supervisors, office workers and outside workers all AED site location. There are now over 450 city owned AEDs at sites with multiple Targeted Responders certified through Toronto EMS. Medical oversite for the program is by Dr Marty Freidburg.

In just one day of training, you can save a life!

Download the AED registration form
Download the pdf "Getting Started - A Guide to Public Access Defibrillation"
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